Editing + Revision

Assistance with cover letters, resumes, college apps, essays, content writing, and more.

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Website Writing & Design

It's a lot of work to keep your site up to date. I can edit pages, improve prose, fix technical problems, and streamline navigation.

Repair Work (Mending)

Don't throw away your holey clothing or threadbare socks--I'll help you keep your objects out of the landfill and prettier for it.

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Recycling Consultation

If you want to get rid of something without throwing it away, I'll figure out how. I was a civilian expert on recycling and reuse in Missoula and bring the same investigative bent to living in New York City.

Volleyball Coaching

Individual or small-group work in the sand, grass, or court

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Public Speaking

Including all body sizes (and shapes!) is fundamental to social justice work. Your organization can become an anti-diet space.