Do you have a pile of clothes that need small mends that feel weird to take to the tailor? E.g. holey t-shirts, threadbare socks, snagged sweaters, jeans with worn spots along the crotch seam [or "distressed" sections that have gone too far], pants with loose threads on the hem, shirts missing one essential button, etc. If you live in NYC or nearby, and you wish someone would just *take care of it* (and you're willing to pay someone to relieve you of this burden), I am that person! I am a mender living in Brooklyn specializing in exuberant mends. This means the repair work will not blend in; it will embellish. I am technically an award-winning darner (thank you, Western Montana Fair) with basket weaving, Scotch darn, honeycomb, and darning loom experience. I do love bright colors, but I can make it "tasteful" depending on your preferred palette and the tone of your garment. For those of you who like the academic-sounding philosophy behind things: mending is how I practice aesthetic reclamation of so-called waste in the context of petro-capitalism.

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